November 2017 – Vegan Christmas Cookery
November 22, 2017

For our November meeting (Tuesday 28th 7pm) we’ll be learning all about vegan cooking. Our lovely Secretary Ximena will teach us about what makes food vegan/non-vegan, what ingredients to look out for, and simple swaps and tips for making recipes vegan-friendly. She will also share with us her Christmas recipes to try at home, and we’ll have a chance to taste some of them too!

In other news, 2018 membership is open! Here‘s some more info about the benefits of membership and of course every member helps to keep N1 WI going – so we can stay in our lovely hall and keep having great speakers and activities!

Don’t forget that the next N1 WI Educational bursary of £100 will be drawn at the January meeting and you’ll need to be a paid up member to enter!

It’s £41 for full membership, and £20 for dual. You can bring cash or cheque to a meeting, or email for details to pay by bank transfer!


Hope to see you at the meeting!