Causes and Campaigns

We support a number of causes and have national and local campaigns every year.

WI Bleed

WI bleed is a campaign with 2 aims. Its first aim is to support women in the local area, who for various reasons are struggling in life, by helping to supply donated sanitary products. WI Bleed believes that sanitary protection should not be a luxury and so the second aim is to campaign for the tax to be removed on sanitary products.

We have joined with Hestia (, a charity that helps women who are at a difficult time in their lives; having escaped domestic violence, are suffering from mental health issues, have escaped human trafficking, or perhaps are ex-offenders. Financially these women are all struggling. We have pledged to help alleviate the burden of buying sanitary protection, therefore allowing their limited funds to be spent on other basic items that they also need.

How you can help

We would really like all members to donate a packet of ANY type of sanitary protection – all products/brands and types of protection are welcomed, including reusable protection such as mooncups or washable pads. We want variety because all women are different! The only constraint is that the donations must be new and unopened.

This is an ongoing campaign. A box for donations will be at the membership table at every meeting we have in the hall, and you are welcome to donate as often as you can/wish to.

There is a Facebook Group for WI Bleed which you can join here: WI Bleed Facebook Group


More information can be found about the WI’s national campaigns on their website here: