Why become a member?
April 22, 2017
If you’re thinking of becoming a member but you’re not sure it’s for you, Ruthie, one of our committee members, has written about what she gets out of membership:


“What I found when I joined were some fantastic ladies who were friendly and open. As a member, you get 11 meetings a year and a Christmas party! I’ve not only been able to get my craft on, but I’ve jived in January, listened to Phill Jupitus recite poetry, and learnt British sign language and deaf awareness. As a member, you also get the opportunity to join our sub groups. We have a book club, culture club, craft club, restaurants with Lainey, and our new social activism group.


But the WI is a membership organisation so as a member, you get a say in how the local group is run and what activities it should organise. That’s how I ended up on the committee! It’s allowed me to get more involved and to help organise some of the meetings.


As a member, you are also invited to vote on what the overall WI campaigns on and how it is governed. The Annual General Meeting brings WI groups from across the country together and is a brilliant event to be involved in. Members also get a regular magazine providing updates from across WI groups, news and competitions, and a discount booklet.


WI membership gives you a sense of belonging, especially in your local community. I joined my local WI to find friendship with women close by who hopefully shared my love of crafts. It’s a great way of making friends and enjoying new activities.”