January 2016 – Taekwondo
January 25, 2016

January’s meeting is an active one! We will be hearing from a female Taekwondo instructor who will tell us all about the art of this sport, give a bit of a demonstration, and we will have a go at some moves.

For this meeting you’ll need to wear loose fitting clothes and you will need to have bare feet. There are toilets available if you want to get changed when you reach the hall. You are welcome to sit at the back and observe if you don’t feel up to joining in, and after this we will be having some social time (and the bar will be open!)

N.B. the bar will be serving soft drinks only until after the break as it’s best not to try Taekwondo moves after a few wines!


Thanks to Jemima and Sarah for the evening! You can find more information about their Taekwondo Club, including class times and locations, here: